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Wood Stain That Is Eco-Friendly

Add a new look to wood pieces with wood dye coloring kits sold by Keda Dye, based near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our dyes allow you to create more than one gallon of vibrant, eco-friendly wood stain. Great on their own or mixed with other dyes or stains, our kits save you the hassle and the cost of ordering multiple stain colors by offering five potent dye wood stain colors in a single kit.

Learn more about mixing our dyes and get application tips.

Our Wood Dye Powder Kits (Eco Friendly)

We offer five powerful colors in each wood dye powder kit. Each of the five powder dye colors will make approximately one quart of wood stain dye by mixing it with warm water or isopropyl alcohol. Our dyes never contain fillers, which may reduce color potency.

Each powder dye kit includes the following:

• 5g. - Golden Brown
• 5g. - Royal Blue
• 5g. - Sunflower Yellow

• 5g. - Fire Engine Red
• 5g. - Coal Black

Our Liquid Wood Dye Kits (Traditional)

We also offer five powerful colors in each liquid wood dye kit. Each of the five liquid dye colors will make approximately two quarts of solvent based dye stain by mixing it with lacquer thinner, denatured alcohol, acetone, or other non-oil based solvents. Our liquid dyes never contain fillers, which may reduce color potency.

. Each liquid dye kit includes the following:

• 1 oz. - Walnut Brown
• 1 oz. - Royal Blue
• 1 oz. - Amber Yellow
• 1 oz. - Bright Crimson Red
• 1 oz. - Coal Black

Mixing Colors

You may mix our wood dye colors to create hundreds of new, creative colors. Some simple example color combinations:

• Yellow + Red = Orange
• Blue + Yellow = Green
• Red + Blue = Purple
• Red + Brown = Mahogany

Using Our Dyes

Like with any wood finishes type product, please use the proper personal protective equipment, such as gloves, safety glasses, and any other equipment necessary to protect yourself. If mixing our wood dyes with hot water, make sure the mixture is cool enough to handle before using to prevent burns. For a darker color tone, add more dye or use smaller amounts of water. For a lighter color tone, use less wood dye or add greater amounts of water. Apply the stain by using a sponge, brush, spray gun, or a lint-free cloth. Test your color on a scrap piece of the same type of wood, or in a spot that will not be noticed. Evaluate the color after the dye has dried. Note: Dried wood dye can look dull, this is normal and will change when top coat sealer is applied.


Our dyes will last for several years unmixed, as long as they are stored in a cool, dry place, protected from air and intense light. Once they are mixed, they will last days to several months as long as they are tightly covered, and are stored away from intense light. However, the color may become weaker over time. For longer storage of the blue dye powder after mixing, it is best to mix with isopropyl alcohol. The liquid dyes will also last for quite a long time as long as they are tightly covered, are stored away from intense light, and away from sources of heat or open flame. Please note the liquid dyes can be flammable, especially when mixed with solvents. Using fresh dye stain solutions will also provide best results.