Wood Dye - Our Wood Dye Colors Kit Can Make 5 Quarts of Vibrant Wood Stain Dye Per Each Wood Dye Kit
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Wood Dye Colors Kit -The Best Wood Dyes At The Best Price.wood dye colors - link to wood dye colors sampling

Our wood dye colors kit is Made in the USA, and every dye kit comes with five, rich and vibrant wood dye colors! Each of these (5) wood dye color packets, contain highly concentrated, color potent hybrid wood dyes, and will make one quart (946mls) of powerful wood stain dye per each of the five wood dye colors in this kit.

Each Keda wood dyes kit comes with the following wood dye colors:

Royal Blue Wood Dye

Sunflower Yellow Wood Dye

Coal Black Wood Dye

Fire Engine Red Wood Dye

Golden Brown Wood Dye

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Mixing wood dye colors in varied amounts will create hundreds of new wood dye colors:

Orange Wood Dye = Yellow + Red Wood Dyes

Green Wood Dye = Blue + Yellow Wood Dyes

Purple Wood Dye = Red + Blue Wood Dyes

Mahogany Wood Dye = Red + Brown Wood Dyes

For your reference, we have included some wood dye application tips and wood dye mixing instructions:



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