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Our aniline dye 5 color kit is great for light fastness, and for making high quality, aniline dye, wood stain at an affordable price. Our wood dye kit also specializes in transparency of color, highlighting wood grains, and may be used with other wood dyes or wood stains. Keda aniline dyes will leave a clean, vibrant wood finish, and really is one of the best wood dyes available anywhere. To apply, sand entire wood surface with a 150 - 180 grit sand paper for the initial application, wipe area completely clean of any debris with a clean lint free cloth. A proper surface preparation is well worth the effort, since this is the base for any finishing process. Simply mix the wood dye with warm water, or alcohol until wood dye completely dissolves. Test your wood dye stain solution on a scrap piece of wood with your sealer to see the complete wood dye color outcome. For best results apply dye stain with a staining sponge, paint brush, lint free cloth, or a spray gun soaking areas thoroughly. Wood dye stain is to be left on to penetrate the wood for at least 1-5 minutes in order to achieve rich, deep, wood dye colors. The longer the wood dye stain is left on to penetrate the wood fibers, the more rich and deeper the color will be. Do not  let the dye stain dry thoroughly without wiping excess off; unless intended.
Remove excess wood dye stain by lightly wiping with a clean lint free cloth in the direction of the grain, and making small circular motions. Allow about 15 - 30 minutes to dry then check your dye stain color. When desired color is achieved, burnish the dyed wood with a clean, lint free towel, this will help prepare the surface for sealing, and will help prevent any excess wood dyes from transferring with touch or into the sealer. In the event of any worse case scenario, the wood may be salvaged by sanding the dye stain off with a heavy grit sand paper and gone over with fine grit sand paper until smooth again.
aniline dye, aniline dyes, aniline dye colorsAlthough our aniline dyes are great for light fastness, different colors are more resistant to fading than others. The following steps are recommended. If you wish to insure the best in fade resistance, use a fresh solution, thoroughly saturate the wood’s surface with the wood dye stain, burnish the dried dye stain surface, and using a UV protecting sealer to help protect the aniline dye colors for several years. Polish the sealer if needed. Our aniline dyes are very powerful, they are not diluted, and each of the wood dye, five gram color packets, will make up to 1 quart of wood stain dye. Visit Our  Aniline Dye Photo Gallery
We also recommend if using our wood dye as an alcohol base, to add a few drops of hot water. This will insure all the wood dye dissolves quickly, and helps the wood dye break down thoroughly. Our Blue wood dye will last much longer after mixing if it is mixed with an isopropyl/denatured alcohol base for longer storage.
Sealing: We  recommend using a UV protecting sealer of your choice over the dried wood dye stain in order to help protect the wood dye colors, but the wood dye colors, should still last as long as they are not in direct sunlight for long periods of time without the UV protecting sealer. When applying the first seal coat we recommend applying a very light, thin coat (a flash Coat) with minimal rubbing, and let dry. This will seal the wood dyes, and help prevent any possible reactions. Apply subsequent coats of the wood sealer according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, and use a 240 -320 grit sandpaper for the in between seal coat sanding. We recommended that you put a minimum 3 coats of wood sealer on your wood dye stain with a spray gun for the best possible wood finish result, but may be applied with the standard finishing tools as well, if the above sealing instruction is followed.



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