Wood Dye Mixing Kits in Manitowoc, WI

Keda Dye sells wood dye mixing kits in Manitowoc, WI, that are ideal for wood finishing and staining. Through the use of our wood dye powder kits, we can provide eco-friendly, cost-efficient, high-quality wood stain color options. We also consider the woodworkers that have been requesting liquid dyes in a solvent base format, which are not quite as eco-friendly, but deliver a solvent-based color potency and vibrancy that very few wood dyes can match. Our wood dye is truly unique and has an unlimited potential for various wood projects.

What started as a personal wood finish project in our basement has turned into a prosperous business, as we were receiving a high volume of requests for our incredible wood dye colors. We are extremely conscious of the effects our shipping and production process may have on the environment and make every effort to cut our carbon footprint wherever we can.

How We Help the Environment

Our wood dye powder kits help reduce in-home VOCs, trucking emissions, fuel waste, landfill clutter, space clutter, and the eco-footprint we leave in our lives. We strive to reduce wasted cans, bottles, and numerous other unnecessary fuel resources by reducing wood staining shipping weights in the packaging and transportation process of our wood dye.

Contact our company for wood dye mixing kits that makes your wooden piece retain its richness. We ship our products all over the world in an eco-friendly way.

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