Colored Glue Using Liquid Dyes For A Very Nice Coloring Option – DIY Glue Color

Great and easy way to color glues for crafting ideas. One option is the Keda Dye liquid dye kit that comes with the following 5 vibrant colors: Royal Blue, Crimson Red, Amber Yellow, Walnut Brown, and Coal Black dye in one easy to use, premium liquid dye kit. The liquid dyes will easily mix with each other to create numerous color options for the perfect DIY glue coloring projects. This one kit, will literally make pounds of colored glues. The video below will show how easy it really is to achieve colored glue.


Wood Dye, Wood Prep, and Popping Figured Wood Grain With The Keda Wood Dye Powder

Here is a detailed video on preparing wood for wood finishing. I tried to show a wood prep for maple wood, and a dying technique for “Popping The Grain” using a figured curly maple wood. The wood dye ratios were very concentrated in this video, and were mixed at the following dye stain ratios:

Black Wood Dye: 2 ounces warm water to 1/4th tsp of black dye powder

Blue Wood Dye: 4 Ounces rubbing alcohol (70% Isopropyl Alcohol) to 1/2 tsp of the Blue Dye Powder.

Wood was prepped with a progression sand utilizing wood specific sandpaper: 120 grit, 150 grit, 180, grit, used hot water to raise the grain (optional) let dry, then sanded with 220 grit (optional) prior to applying the wood dyes to the surface of the wood.

I really hope it helps out, and thank you for watching the video!

You can buy this 5 color wood dye kit here:

You can also buy this wood dye on Amazon and eBay:

Keda Wood Dye Powders:

Keda Wood Dye Powders:


Pecan Wood Dye – Making A Master Color Chip

Ever mix some wood dyes or wood stain colors together? Then proceed in the wood coloring process, only to find 3 months later, that you would like to recreate that same color for a nice matching table, or perhaps bring new life into an old wooden door with that same color. However, you go to grab the mixed stain, only to find there is none left. Here is a great wood coloring tip that may help you have the ability to recreate mixing dyes for that same exact finish.

Keda Dye Blog Introduction

Welcome to the first ever Keda Dye Blog! First, we would sincerely like to thank everyone, that has been supporting us through our journey, as well as coming to visit our website. We will try as best we can to keep these blogs: brief, detailed, helpful, and lighthearted.

So what is our intention with such a powerful tool?  Some of the main topics we intend on using this blog for, is to share items such as:

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Either way, it is our greatest hope that you will find some value in these blogs, maybe find some humor, as well as finding some wood finishing tips and tricks that may help you along in your journey. We will try our best to continue to do what we do, so that you can continue to do what it is that you do.

Thank you again.

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